Monster Magnet Return With Bombastic Mindfucker

There has never been a Monster Magnet album that has sounded more like a Monster Magnet album than Mindfucker. The riffs! The name! The feel! Everything on Mindfucker just screams “Monster Magnet” as the New Jersey outfit deliver an eleventh album that’s their best and most consistent record in over a decade.

“Rocket Freak” is Monster Magnet by numbers opening salvo and that’s not an insult by any means. The minute Dave Wyndorf’s mouth opens it’s hard to think of anything else except Monster Magnet is all. “Soul”, on the other hand,  aims for the stratosphere. It’s trippy yet heavy and filled with all the goodness that makes Monster Magnet still one of the greatest rawk bands out there today. With bits hearkening back to Dopes to Infinity at times, the track goes on so many musical journeys within these hallowed five and a half minutes creating the prefect recipe of excellent.

The title track is fucking bonkers and unrelenting with its’ awesomeness concluding with a hypnotically repeated Wyndorf refrain of “Why you gotta fuck with my head?” amidst swirling riffs and an undeniable signature Monster Magnet bass line from Chris Kosnik. Then songs like the humble “I’m God” ambles in and is as bombastic as Monster Magnet’s iconic front man.

“Drowning” slows it all down with a compelling thinkpiece as Wyndorf ponders: “Are there happy endings?/Is there a sun up in the sky?” then “Want Some” drops and is all riff central with  Phil Caivano and Garrett Sweeny making some sweet sonic serenity alongside Wyndorf.

“All Day Midnight” hums like a glorious throwback to Spine of God complete with some subtle sitar lines amping up the mysticism as Bob Pantella’s drums create some groovy goodness. Mindfucker closes with the epic “When The Hammer Comes Down” which, at times, is a little reminiscent of “Bummer” with the guitar fury it brings until hitting the three-minute mark and that rawk fury intensifies to ludicrous speeds going full tilt until the end.

Mindfucker is out on March 23rd through Spinefarm Records. You can pre-order your very own by clicking here for a plethora of buying options. For more on Monster Magnet, head on over here now.

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