Mountain Tamer Do Psychedelia Proud On Fuzzed Out Godfortune Dark Matters

A truly unholy album worthy of all the worshipping adjectives and curse words that will undoubtedly be hurled at it once it’s unveiled to the masses in full, Godfortune Dark Matters by Mountain Tamer is a gorgeous slab of glistening psychedelic sludge that’s as gruesome as it is groovy.

Phew! That was a mouthful!

But I digress.

“Faith Peddler” is an album opener. Meaning it’s the kind of song that, after hearing it for the first time, you really get the sense of what you’re getting into as a listener. In this case it’s some of that psychedelic stuff mixed with Andru Hall’s dreamy vox like a mix of Dave Wyndorf at his trippiest and Mark Arm at his Mark Arm-iest especially with that hypnotic delivery compelling listeners over and over: “Don’t believe the lies”

“Funeral of a Dog” hums with mind-altering mysticism in that dancing around a fire in a Native American tribal kind of way with a little Daniel Davies and a little Sabbath thrown in for good measure. “Living In Vain Part 1” is bristling with intensity and lets Casey Garcia thump away with reckless abandon as Hall’s guitars screech away until “Living In Vain Part 2” diverts from the path with a heavy groove replacing the headbanging with a thorough head bobbing.

“Primitive Control” is a burgeoning goliath of Hall’s fevered riffs and layered grooves that hum nicely along thanks in part to Dave Teget’s bass mastery while “Wretched” sounds like something that’d be found on Wretch if it was written using the experience and epic songwriting prowess found on Sky Valley.

“Mydnyte” is a fuzzy banger relying heavily on Garcia’s majestic pummeling as Hall’s voice echoes on until penultimate “Riff Dealer” swoops in to kneel at the altar of the riffage once more before the grandiose “Head Over Heels” (No, Mountain Tamer did not end with a psych-metal cover of the Tears For Fears classic) closes out Godfortune… in the most heavenly hypnotic and delightfully droning way possible.

Godfortune Dark Matters will be unleashed on August 24th through Magnetic Eye Records. You can get your own copy pre-ordered by clicking here or here. Nasoni Records will handle the vinyl release which you can pre-order by clicking here. For the most up-to-the-date info on Mountain Tamer, head on over here.

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