Moving Units Epitomize Dance Rock On Latest Album Damage With Care


Irresistibly infectious, Moving Units latest album will leave listeners with their heads bobbing and feet tapping long after the final notes in “House Of Dolls” ring out. With echoes of Radio 4 and Gang Of Four, Moving Units brand of groovy post-punk rawk truly shines on Damage With Care, their fourth album.

“Hyatt Girls” is the ideal blend of bass-driven groove and the ultimate beat to create dance-rock perfection. “Opposite Of Rhyming” shuffles in next with handclaps and electro goodness causing a heaping amount of subconscious foot stomping on the part of the listener. “Wishful Thinking” is instantly contagious with whistles at its onset and then effortlessly glides into one of the most memorable choruses on the album.

“American Infantile” really captures the GOF and R4 vibe with screaming guitars and a backbeat to die for while “I Don’t Mind” delves into The Faint territory with haunting guitar lines and underlying synths. Oh, you like synths? Then check out “Fragile Magic” and all its electronic glory that, once again, will have listeners on their feet and dancing uncontrollably regardless of their surroundings.

Much of what follows is going to lead to the same conclusion: uncontrollable dancing. Whether it’s the driving beats of “Going Out”, the funk of “War On The Floor”, or the hypnotic tendencies of “House Of Dolls”, there’s no denying that Damage With Care is destined to become a dance-rock classic.

Damage With Care is out now through Metropolis Records. Get yours here and here. For more on Moving Units, including where to see them on their upcoming tour, head on over here.

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