Mr. Kitty Enters A New World Of Diversity And Awesomeness On A.I.

Any year that yields new material from electro-genius Mr. Kitty is a good year for music fans in general. Whether it’s an LP or a new EP/single, new Mr. Kitty generally brings warmth and fuzziness to earholes. That said,  it looks like 2017 will be doing just that as we focus on the former in the form of A.I.

The epic instrumental “I…” opens up Mr. Kitty’s latest which not only nicely sets up what’s to come but also perfectly segue’s into the decidedly more Pop romp of “Undo” (Think dancier Postal Service) with defiant lyrics like “I will undo this heartbreak/I will undo my careless mistakes/I will undo these dark days/I will undo these memories I kept of you” immediately creating a familiar lyrical tone.

“Forget” hearkens back to earlier albums like Time and a more gothic vibe as Forrest Carney’s continually chameleon-like delivery truly glistens along with the synthetic undertones. Meanwhile, “give-take” hits later with some of the finest hip-hop beats this side of a Cash Money classic until “No Heart” electro-smacks you back to reality with a genuine Mr. Kitty signature jam.

Real Life (The synth artist)  flourishes fill “Earthstones” while “Crisis Point” has a little of that Mindless Self Indulgence frenetic intensity as Carney adopts his more crazed and urgent vocal style (Which pops again on the fantastic dance-ready “Birds Of Prey”). In addition to A.I. being one of Carney’s most diverse Mr. Kitty albums, it also features guests like Pastel Ghost who collaborates on the dreamy “Habit” and Megurine Luka who adds her heavenly voice to “Dream Diver”.

A.I. is out now through Negative Gain Productions and can be purchased in a variety of formats over here. For more on Mr. Kitty, head here.

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