Mr. Kitty Unveils Fragments, August Release Slated With IAMX Tour To Follow In October


You know how some artists just make you cry because their output is so great? That’s Mr. Kitty in a nutshell. And if you don’t know the feeling then “Hell” off of Mr. Kitty’s latest will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Think hairs on the back of your neck forever standing up/perpetual goosebumps territory.

Despite the bleak world that Mr. Kitty inhabits, the music he births envelopes listeners like a warm, synthetic blanket. It was there on 2014’s Time. It was there on single “Entwine”, released earlier this year, and it definitely permeates throughout Fragments.

As a whole, Fragments is a more organic album but one that still hides in the corner and dances with itself. “Hell”, which kicks it off is the only song to feature that high pitched scream here (That of the “XIII” kind) but balances this nice groove amongst an ominous, yet embracing, synth.

“Mother” is sweet and nurturing just like the name of the title implies with lines like “I promise that one day it will be alright/Until then/Remember/All of the good times” bathed within some bouncy synths.

And then there’s “Entwine” which, just like when it was released in March, will entwine you. It’s a song that, if you’re from the Boston/Cambridge area, will make you yearn for the proper days of Man Ray with its throbbing hum invading every inch of your body.

“Shanghai” is this gothed out version of some Men Without Hats classic (Not an insult. MWH is awesome) but with Forrest Avery Carney’s gorgeous alto leading the way in sharp contrast to Ivan Doroschuk’s distinct baritone. “I Lost You” adds to the ’80’s vibe as does “In Your Blood” which could be the lead single off any John Hughes soundtrack while later, “Cycle Of Violence” is almost a foreboding march and one of the darker sounding songs here (Let’s be honest, though, most of Mr. Kitty’s output is pretty dark).

And surely this is a random coincidence, but Fragments‘ track list like Time builds to a visual crescendo. And I think that’s cool.

Fragments is out through Negative Gain on August 25th. Pre-orders are available here. For more on Mr. Kitty, including where you can see him this fall on tour with IAMX, head over here.


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