Mutoid Man Slay Boston’s Royale With A Smile On Their Face


Mixing brutality with levity, Boston via NYC’s Mutoid Man stormed the Royale stage recently while supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan. With a new release almost here (Bleeder, out through Sargent House on June 30th), Mutoid Man treated fans to a slew of those new tracks which fit in seamlessly alongside tracks from 2013’s Helium Head.

Steve Brodsky brought it. Ben Koller brought it. Nick Cageao brought it. In an unbelievable sync throughout frenetic time signatures and time changes, Mutoid Man laid waste to the Boston crowd with a smile on their collective faces. Nothing makes a live performance more enjoyable than actually seeing that the band in front of you is having fun and not just going through the motions. Whether Brodsky was playing around with some wonky feedback or Koller was going through drumsticks faster than he could finish songs, Mutoid Man delivered a scorching set that looked effortless from start to finish.

Powering through HH tracks like “Scrape The Walls”, “Gnarcissist”, and “Scavengers”, the set was broken up by what Brodsky called “Bleeder Blocks” which focused on the new album. Now Helium Head rocks, you guys. That’s understood. But the moment “Bridgeburner” (which opens Bleeder) started, any memory of Helium Head was eviscerated as Brodsky mixed a clean delivery with those unforgettable screams, Koller pummeled with vicious staccato attacks, and Cageao began the song with an unforgettable bass drone. Cageao also added some sweet low end to “Sweet Ivy” and complemented Koller’s controlled chaos on other new tracks “Reptilian Soul” and “Beast”.

Oh, and you want diversity? How about a cover of the Eric Burdon/The Animals classic “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (Or “The Manimals” on HH) which showed off  Brodsky’s croon despite the bombastic interpretation.

Bleeder is out on June 30th through Sargent House. Head over here for pre-orders or catch them on tour to get your copy now!

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