Olde Bring A Veritable Temple Of Doom On Latest Release

Olde is a band that personifies everything that is right in the world of doom metal: solid grooves, heavy riffs, and brutal vocals.

Like the bastard offspring of Dave Wyndorf and Matt Pike, Olde’s Doug McLarty has a ’70’s swagger with a soulful gruffness that infuses each and every track on Temple with something special. The rest of the band matches that essence with spirited doom that elevates all the songs here.

“Subterfuge” rambles on into your earholes just as Pigpen would appear on The Peanuts: as a cacophonous mess that only makes sense when you stop to pay attention. “Now I See You” has this COC groove and riffs that would make Pepper Keenan and Woody Weatherman turn green with envy while “The Ghost Narrative” is a gorgeous doom anthem injected with even more gorgeous guitar offerings from Greg Dawson and Chris Hughes.

The title track is just so freaking intense accented by Ryan Aubin’s percussion technique until “Centrifigul Disaster” saunters in with its’ sinister offerings and “Castaway” struts along with McLarty’s bark counterpointed by Cory McCallum’s melodious bass hum. But where Olde really succeed is when McLarty is at his balls out, unhinged best and no song really captures that statement better than “Maelstrom” which has the singer yowling and howling with a furious intensity.

Temple is out through STB Records on August 11th. If you know what’s good for ya, you’ll get on that shit early and pre-order now using the link provided here.

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