Owl Stretching Release New Song, “Evolution”, For Free


Some days you wake up and just yearn for the sweet, sexy sounds of Jason Bieler, y’know? Today was one of those days for me and luckily, there just happened to be a new Owl Stretching song waiting in my inbox! “Evolution” is the name and rocking is its game.

Under the Owl Stretching moniker, the Saigon Kick guitarist/songwriter/vocalist has crafted yet another masterpiece which, in the case of “Evolution”, is a thumping pile of riffs that ventures off into a dreamy netherworld at its conclusion thrusted forward by Bieler’s uncanny vocals. In short, it’s awesome.

You can hear the song below AND get it for free if you’re so inclined to not donate. For more on Mr. Bieler’s comings and goings, head on over to his Twitter and Facebook pages and PLEASE be sure to check out the plethora of righteous and diverse Owl Stretching tunes available here (“All At Once” is still a personal fave).

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