Oxblood Forge Deal Out Sonic Excellence On Death Dealer’s Lament

I sometimes liken my Oxblood Forge listening to that of fellow local heavyweights Wormwood in terms of sonic prowess and, with the recent release of OF’s Death Dealer’s Lament, how far each band has come in terms of determining their own musical identities from release to release. But enough about Wormwood as today, we’re gushing about Oxblood Forge and that aforementioned release.

And to be clear, OF’s self-titled release was GREAT but damn if Death Dealer’s Lament isn’t leaps and bounds away with six lean tracks of pure rawk supremacy from start to finish. “Death Dealer” is a moody rawker in the vein of some of Danzig’s best (Think Danzig through IV for reference) then explodes into a vibrant anthem with Ken MacKay wailing before grooving away with Greg Dellaria’s bass thumping into an undeniable rawker of a conclusion.

“Nightshine” sounds like nothing else OF has attempted before with a clean vocal line that glistens then goes into this Mastodon/Baroness territory of rifftastic bliss to close the track out while “Jornada del Muerto” is almost indescribable because of its’ sonic excellence. Beginning as a desert rawk jam wandering an aural landscape, the track soon begins to pummel intently with Chris Capen’s drumming echoing MacKay’s cries as Josh Howard and Robb Lioy shred.

“Blind Stagger” is a bluesy one that shimmies in with a ton of swagger before becoming an anthemic rager almost in the vein of a Son Of Sam. And holy hell is “Vultures” one hell of a closer! Brimming with energy and MacKay just going for it vocally as he rage screams his way to the finish line with the rest of the band matching that intensity note for note.

Death Dealer’s Lament is out now! You can get yours here! Exclamation! Oxblood Forge also do the working musician thing and play shows and shit which you should definitely check out. For the latest on where to catch them and more, head here.

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