Stains of a Sunflower Unveil Debut EP, Announce New Tour Dates!


If “Starlight” alone wasn’t reason enough to convince you why Boston-based Stains of a Sunflower should be your new favorite band then I’m not sure that what we type here will convince you otherwise. But we’ll try regardless! [Read more…]

OFFWORLD Descend From Space To Save Us With Rawk On Grey Dawn

Who doesn’t like a good, well laid out concept album? And who doesn’t love a double album? ESPECIALLY when it’s split into two?? For your listening pleasure, of course. Boston’s OFFWORLD has done just that and today we’re taking a listen to the already released Grey Dawn, part one of a two part series (This year will bring about the conclusion of the story). [Read more…]

Discrepancies Sign WIth InVogue Records, Ready Deluxe Version Of The Awakening For March Release

Sounding like Fall Out Boy one minute then wholly embracing nu-metal the next (Think early Linkin Park especially), Discrepancies just embrace the dichotomy of who they are and rock the fuck out of every minute that The Awakening lays waste to your listening devices and expectations. [Read more…]

Infraktor Ooze Thrash On Crushing Debut Exhaust

Oh, glorious thrash! When done right it slays beyond all and in the case of Infraktor, they do it oh so right! Exhaust, the debut from these Portuguese metallers, is an expertly crafted lesson in how to thrash in the 21st Century and easily sits up there with the latest and greatest from some of the founding fathers of the genre. [Read more…]

The New Age Come Out Swinging On Heartfelt Placebo

Like a hybrid of Circa Survive and The Mars Volta with the mystique of codeseven thrown in for a little extra musical spice, The New Age deliver an emotionally charged magnum opus of a debut with Placebo. [Read more…]

Oxblood Forge Deal Out Sonic Excellence On Death Dealer’s Lament

I sometimes liken my Oxblood Forge listening to that of fellow local heavyweights Wormwood in terms of sonic prowess and, with the recent release of OF’s Death Dealer’s Lament, how far each band has come in terms of determining their own musical identities from release to release. But enough about Wormwood as today, we’re gushing about Oxblood Forge and that aforementioned release. [Read more…]

Huntsmen Bring Epic Americana Rawk On American Scrap

Huntsmen is a weird band to pin down. And I don’t mean that in a negative connotation at all. Far from it! It just means that the band falls under our ever growing category of “enigma wrapped inside a riddle” and American Scrap is an album that encompasses that just as much as it defies genres consistently throughout its’ eight blissful tracks. [Read more…]

Black Moth Deliver Massively Mesmerizing Rawk And More On Anatomical Venus

I was going to start this review off by throwing out a bunch of comparisons then stating “NO! No comparisons needed because they’re indescribable!” but I felt like that did a disservice to Black Moth and the integrity of the hunk of amazing that is coming at your earholes soon in the form of Anatomical Venus. So I went with this opening instead. There’s a few comparisons within. Regardless, Anatomical Venus is the bee’s knees. And then some. And then some more. [Read more…]

Woody Weatherman: A Rock and Roll Fables Conversation V.2

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, the classic mid-’90’s version of Corrosion Of Conformity is back! Back as a quartet! Back with Pepper Keenan! Back on tour! Back with a new album! Back!!!

But I digress. [Read more…]