Mountain Tamer Do Psychedelia Proud On Fuzzed Out Godfortune Dark Matters

A truly unholy album worthy of all the worshipping adjectives and curse words that will undoubtedly be hurled at it once it’s unveiled to the masses in full, Godfortune Dark Matters by Mountain Tamer is a gorgeous slab of glistening psychedelic sludge that’s as gruesome as it is groovy.

Phew! That was a mouthful!

But I digress. [Read more…]

Night Club Offers The Perfect Soundtrack To The Times On Aptly Titled Scary World

Night Club is one of those bands that I felt I just missed the bus with. I received a press release for their most recent single in advance of some live dates with Combichrist and I’ll admit, I was intrigued. But I just missed the mark with coverage save for a few advance notices on our Facebook page and a rave or two after the fact.

Lucky me, and you, because Night Club ain’t done with us yet as a new album is almost here and offers us a chance to redeem ourselves and regale you readers with why you should really pay attention this time.

But I digress. [Read more…]

Chuggernaut Bring “Regressive Metal” To The Masses On Ferocious Kodiak

Luckily, a band with a moniker as epic as “Chuggernaut” and an album called Kodiak sounds exactly as you’d expect: Fucking brutal! And they’re fucking local! And there’s a lot of fucking dudes named Dave in the band! And apparently they cause us to over curse. Oops?

But I digress. [Read more…]

The Appleyards Get Creepy And Kooky On Fantastical Phantasmagoria

The beauty of the local music scene, or any good music community for that matter, is that the artists that permeate an area will inevitably lead you to even more fantastic artists. Which brings us to The Appleyards, who recently opened for Carissa Johnson. I was at the show for Carissa Johnson, who was a guest on our first co-hosting gig on the Deathkiss Radio Show on WEMF, and actually missed The Appleyards due to co-hosting duties earlier that night but by chance (And “by chance” I mean Dug McCormack of Psychic Dog, also on the bill that night, and rad as hell. Check out our review of his latest here) I was hooked up with a copy of Phantasmagoria, The Appleyards’ latest. [Read more…]

Death Kiss Showcase Volume 4: Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood! We’ve saved the best for last…or the last for last because, honestly, all the bands showcased at the Death Kiss show back in June were fucking tops! [Read more…]

Blue October Traverse Trip-Hop/Electronica Soundscapes On Successfully Experimental I Hope You’re Okay

I’ll be honest, I never really followed Blue October. More honest? I never really tried to get into them either. I was aware of them, being a music nerd and someone who was in record store retail for ten plus years, but never really dug in. In conclusion, I know dick about Blue October. [Read more…]

Nopes Make Interesting, Compelling Rawk For 21st Century Short Attention Spans On Stapler

In the age of short attention spans, an album that runs nineteen tracks is long to say the least. But fear not, faithful reader! Would we mention a nineteen track album and short attention span in the same sentence if there wasn’t a catch? [Read more…]

Bad Rabbits Return To Funky Form On Mimi

I don’t exactly remember my first time seeing Bad Rabbits but I do know it was magical. I walked away feeling like that must’ve been what it was like to see The Time back in the day when they were hungry and starting out. The moves, the grooves, and the energy that flowed through the band just seeped into the crowd and the all around vibe was electric. I went home and devoured whatever I could find of Bad Rabbits and have been a fan ever since. [Read more…]

Death Kiss Showcase Volume 3: Gasoline Virgins

Yet another of our Deathkiss showcase posts where we get to highlight some newer recordings! This time we’re focusing on the show closers Gasoline Virgins who have a rawkin’ new EP set to drop imminently. [Read more…]

MEGATIVE Hit All The Right Notes On Groove-Laden Dub-Fueled Debut

It’s really hard in this day and age to astound listeners with new sounds and vibes that aren’t already flooding or have flooded the airwaves in some shape or form over the years. That said, MEGATIVE hit all the right anti-notes with a sound and a vibe that’s unlike anything currently out there. [Read more…]