Paradox Releases “Nothing Lasts”, New Album Chapters Available Now


Paradox concocts a sound that is eerily familiar of a time when flannel was a fashion statement and angst-ridden frontmen shunned the spotlight and that’s okay. If you’re a fan of the sounds of yesteryear with a modern twist or the bombast of Sunna without the electronics then pay attention!

On Chapters, Ireland’s Paradox break new ground in their sound by introducing new techniques to deliver a refreshing fourth album. While mini-instrumental “Prologue” might be the opener, it’s “As The World” that really welcomes in old and new fans building off a single refrain coming off like the trip-hop of Portishead or Massive Attack at times until the heavy guitar-laden climax.

Multi-instrumentalist Pete Mac drives the Paradox ship throughout from the acoustic forlornness of single “Nothing Lasts” to the various twists and turns of rocker “S.A.D.”, the Soundgarden tendencies of “What’s The Reason?” and the Cobain-esque snarl and divine beats of “Little Lives”. And if none of those do it for you then try the epic “In Disguise” fueled by Mac’s emotive vocal delivery and dense song structure.

But whatever your rock tendencies lean towards, it’s doubtful you’ll find any song not worth checking out over and over again on Chapters. It might be Paradox’s fourth album  but it’s the first album by them you absolutely need to own.

Chapters is out now. Click the Bandcamp link below or head on over here to get yours and a pretty detailed track-by-track rundown. For more on Paradox, including links to where else you can get Chapters or previous albums, head over to the official Facebook page.

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