PIG Continue Comeback Victory Lap With Prey & Obey EP

Oh my! If you were underwhelmed by last year’s comeback and the accompanying Remix album (Released earlier this year) then the Lord of Lard has something that will guarantee your return to the flock. But let’s be honest, if you weren’t impressed with those two slabs of finely constructed (and deconstructed) Industrial malevolence then were you ever really in the flock???

But I digress.

<PIG> is back. Again. This time there’s some new music within (Three tracks!) along with some remixes (Three tracks!) to whet your appetites before Raymond Watts and cohorts deliver the goods in person on tour this summer.

The title track delivers so much swiney goodness from the get go as listeners are instantly transported back to Wrecked and Sinsation and dying to chant “Prey!” and “Obey!” along with Watts at an upcoming gig. And for all you Industrial/Electro historians out there, some guys named Marc Heal and Phil Barry helped out on this track. Yes, you read that right: It’s Cubanate, kiddies!

“The Revelation” follows and is a shredder that combines the mid-’90’s KMFDM riffing with the more hymnal aspects of The Gospel thanks in part to co-writer, and Sisters Of Mercy guitarist, Ben Christo. “The Cult of Chaos”, on the other hand, is an Industrial thinkpiece. Similar in tone to the last full-length yet so much more with intricate piano lines, eerie synths, spaced out guitars, and Watts at his storytelling best. Frequent PIG collaborator  Z.Marr helped with this track which could very well be a preview of what’s to come in future recordings.

Finishing off this tiny taste of succulent Pork with three remixes by En Esch, Leæther Strip, and Z.Marr, Prey & Obey closes with dancier, heavier, and kookier versions of the new tracks aurally assimilated previously.

Prey & Obey is out on June 16th through Metropolis Records. You can pre-order yours right here. For more on PIG, including where you can witness the sonic atrocities live this summer, head here.


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