Pig Returns! Primitive Race Rises! Long In The Tooth EP Set For June Release!

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After all the hype and all the build up, being able to FINALLY talk about a “proper” release from Primitive Race is an amazing thing. Mastermind Chris Kniker has concocted this masterpiece of an EP that’s old school industrial yet firmly planted in today. Long In The Tooth is the name of the EP and the title track and it is ten tracks of perfectly executed electronic madness serenely sung by the one and only Raymond Watts.

For me, the fact that Watts can be heard on a prominent 2015 industrial release is an accomplishment unto itself as Pig is still one of my all time favorite industrial acts.

But I digress.

What you get on this EP is three original songs along with seven remixes done by a veritable who’s who of the scene from PR collaborators/conspirators (Pop Will Eat Itself’s Graham Crabb) to fellow synthetic saviors (Army Of The Universe, Bells Into Machines) and the results are outstanding.

“Long In The Tooth” is a glorious throwback to a golden age when groups like KMFDM, Ministry, and Skinny Puppy were discovering guitars and finding their footing. But while “Long In The Tooth” might be top-billed here, it’s the techno-organic tour de force of “Long Live Death” built around and for Watts that really steals the show. Watts is in fine form here (As always!) as his words just ooze out in a sultry, sexy, slutty way. The other original track here, “Come For Deutschland”, is a synthetic landscape propelled by Watt’s suave programming.

The remixes just accentuate the potency of Primitive Race and the relevance they’ll soon be holding over everyone but if you’re looking for stand out’s, the Praga Khan and Bells Into Machines (Featuring some guy named Paul Barker) remixes of the title track go above and beyond.

AND THIS IS JUST AN EP PEOPLE!!!! The full-length is due later in 2015 and features Marc Gemini Thwaite, Erie Loch, Tommy Victor (Who talked about it with us here), Kourtney Klein and more.

Long In The Tooth is out via Metropolis Records on June 5th. You can order it through Metropolis mailorder here or through TheSwining.com here.


  1. Aaron says

    Fantastic review, fantastic EP, fantastic collaboration and there’s nothing more to say other than, BUY IT!


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