Prong Revel In Their Own History On Triumphant X-No Absolutes


I rarely read a review from another site/magazine when I plan on reviewing something myself. But when a band like Prong, who I’ve been a fan of for over 20 years, gets a shitty review in a metal mag I really like then I HAVE to check it out…and debunk every fault my fellow reviewer seemed to find with the record.

The record in question is Prong’s 10th, aptly titled X-No Absolutes, and deserves kudos for just going for it by tackling new ideas and genres. A Prong ballad? Kind of. And it works! Add some Meshuggah-style riffing? Sure, why not! One thing’s for sure, though, has a little of everything for every Prong fan.

And while it might not be as wholly over the top aggressive as its predecessor Ruining Lives, X still delivers some of the fiercest riffs and songs Tommy Victor has ever written. “Sense Of Ease”, which follows opener and first single “Ultimate Authority”, is a thrash masterpiece and a half being equally vicious and anthemic. Oh, did I just say anthemic? If you like huge sing-a-longs then try out “Without Words” which is undoubtedly the catchiest heavy song Prong has recorded since the now legendary “Snap Your Fingers…”.

The aforementioned ballad comes in the form of “Do Nothing” and is Victor just going all out. And succeeding! He sings and he scores! But if you like your Prong to slay then check out the bludgeoning of “Belief System” (With the Meshuggah-sized riffing), “Soul Sickness which hearkens back to Cleansing with a solid low end from Jason Christopher, or headbanger “In Spite Of Hindrances” propelled by Art Cruz’s relentless skin bashing.

X-No Absolutes is out through SPV/Steamhammer on February 5th with a full North American headlining tour to follow in the spring. For dates and more head here and to pre-order the new album, head here and here.

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