Psychic Dog Encompass Rawk And/Or Roll Exquisitely On Lunch Went Well

Bands like Psychic Dog make me continually proud that the Boston music scene is STILL as awesome and vibrant as it is. Forget your Dropkick Murphy’s and your Mighty Mighty Bosstones and even your Standells! If you’re searching for a “sound” that realy captures the sounds of a town then we implore you to check out Lunch Went Well which is out now.

Like the second coming of The Modern Lovers put through a punk rawk blender, Psychic Dog deliver fuzzed out hometown anthems and a definitive sense of neighborhood and community with each and every chord strummed and chorus uttered. The “Stop Requested” sample straight from the MBTA at the beginning of “Bus Song” is just the kind of proof of that statement as the song will instantly give New Englanders all the feels. And non-New Englanders will be blown away by the sheer energy Psychic Dog push force through every song barely contained within the sonic walls of Lunch Went Well.

Elsewhere on Lunch… tunes like “Road Rash” offer up a, ahem, driving little number that’s as catchy as it is punny. “Consume” is like this Oingo Boingo/Modern Lovers amalgamation that’s hard to describe but easy to like while “In The Dark (Pissin’)” is more rawkin’ and rollin’ than any Eagles Of Death Metal track.

“Familyhood” moves thanks to Kevin Kupillas’ sick drumming which is really exploited on the frenetic “She Don’t Run” as Dug McCormack wails and Taylor Trashman’s bass hums along, expertly weaving through the multiple time changes. Trashman’s low end shines on “Foreign Languages” which drops next while McCormack shows off his riff work.

Later on, “Pilot” ends the album on a particularly high note with a slowed down, groove laden song that rocks as hard as the fastest on here. And if we’re being honest, Lunch Went Well as a whole is one gigantic high note.

Lunch Went Well is out now. You can get ypur very own by clicking below or by clicking here. For more on Psychic Dog, including where you can catch them live, click here.

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