PVRIS Continue Live Domination With Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens, Debut White Noise Out Now


If the video/song below for “My House” doesn’t immediately hook you then the full-length from Lowell, MA’s PVRIS definitely will. Released last year through Rise Records, White Noise is a glorious amalgamation of The Birthday Massacre’s female-driven synthetic rock along with some good old ’80’s style Pop in the Hall & Oates/Tears For Fears vein.

From the second “Smoke” opens up and vocalist Lynn Gunn begins to wail, listeners will instantly be enraptured by the PVRIS sound. From there, things get better and better. “St. Patrick” is like being in a cathedral filled with synthesizers as it bursts with a vibrant energy while “Holy” is a steady, hypnotic track propelled by an almost tribal electronic beat. Later in White Noise tracks like “Fire” takes PVRIS to a whole other sonic level with Alex Babinski’s guitars screaming through the synths. Elsewhere, “Mirrors” again shows off Gunn’s range as it glistens off a gorgeous piano breakdown in the middle of the track and “Ghosts” stands out thanks to Brian MacDonald’s almost The Cure-like bass lines.

White Noise is out now through Rise Records. Get yours here. And for more on PVRIS and the latest tour dates, head on over here.

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