Replicant Conjure Up The Soundtrack For A Modern Day Dystopia On The Reckoning

First off: It is highly recommended that you listen to Replicant’s The Reckoning at full volume through headphones to really get the full experience.

Second off: It is highly recommended that you love Replicant. Because they rule.

But I digress.

Easily the highlight for us during our inaugural trek out to Chicago’s annual Cold Waves Festival, Windy City natives Replicant is truly a band that every Industrial, Goth, Darkwave, etc… fan should be into. And if our glowing coverage of their current Bandcamp discography (Which you can read by clicking here) isn’t enough evidence then their upcoming EP should more than seal the deal as to why Replicant should be your new favorite band.

“Wake” gloriously drones in with dense and hypnotic synth lines built around an ode to Tears For Fears if they went Goth instead of Pop then it’s off to “A Taste Of Midnight” which opens with shimmering electronics before Justin Delay’s beats kick in and Garrett Vernon’s uncanny maw opens and accompanies his guitar as perfectly as the rest of the synthetic sounds that encompass him and you, the listener.

“Plagued” is simply divine as Vernon’s voice echoes through the cloud of electro as he triumphantly declares: “We are the voices in the streets/We are the choices we forsake/We are the voices of disdain/We are The Plagued” Yeah, it’s as epic as it sounds. And it gets even more epic when Jordan Delay’s bass starts swirling around the beats Justin DeLay has created. With the exception of 2014’s Bloodmoon (Again, you can read about that and more here), Replicant like to keep it short, sweet, and memorable and The Reckoning is no deviation from the current norm. Closing with the apocalyptical title track (Which could easily sit next to PiL’s “The Order of Death” on the Hardware soundtrack), Replicant exit in a grand fashion ending with this mechanical drone that will definitely leave listeners hanging until the second half of, as the band themselves put it, “a portrait of our modern dystopia, and a scathing commentary of our current ill-equipped administration” is unleashed upon the masses in the near future.

The Reckoning is set to be unveiled on November 8th. To get your copy, stay tuned to this spot here, and for more on Replicant including where you can see them live head on over here.


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