Replicant Deliver Future Rawk To Your Door Today!

Oh my goth!

This year’s Cold Waves Festival was appropriately opened by Chicago natives Replicant and upon returning to MA, I promptly decided I must own everything they had ever put out up until now. And instead of picking just one release to focus on here, I decided to review everything I purchased.

You’re welcome in advance.

If John Carpenter was looking for a voice to complement his amazing compositions then Garrett Vernon is the man for the job. Listen to “Drifter” from Black Light and tell me I’m wrong….or “Stormlands” from Bloodmoon. Or any of Replicant’s recorded work for that matter as it creates the atmosphere of a Carpenter song set in the Blade Runner world. That’s the great thing about whichever release you choose to dive into first: they’re all really, REALLY that good.

Justin Delay’s synths and beats production is like a futuristic symphony within each song while Jordan DeLay’s bass hum rumbles underneath to give the songs that pulsating feel of being in a dark club and letting the music really own you.

Black Light is pure electro ecstasy, Bloodmoon is dense as fuck and a fitting full-length, and White Rain is oddly uplifting with the title track bringing us into that aforementioned Blade Runner territory. Seriously, can you not picture Deckard walking in the rain, all downtrodden while this plays in the background? Hell, they even have a song named after a Mad Max character (“Toecutter”, off Bloodmoon)! Seeped in electro-noir and providing the soundtrack to the apocalypse, Replicant definitely do not disappoint.

Even more highlights from the Bandcamp discography are “Knifewire” which is like a throwback to everything great about New Wave in the ’80’s, the transcendent atmosphere created by “Evergreen”, and the hyper “Ultraviolent”.

In conclusion, Replicant has a ton of music for you to enjoy right now by clicking below or by clicking here. They’re also hip to your social media needs and can be found on various sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so have at it and give them a like or a follow and buy some goddamn good tunes. You won’t be disappointed.


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