Replicant Prep First Vinyl Release, A Taste Of Midnight, For May Release

It’s easy to passionately type up some glowing words about an artist when they continually put out solid slabs of musical excellence. In this case, we’re talking about Chicago’s Replicant who will be celebrating their most recent releases (The Reckoning and The Resistance) with their first ever vinyl release.

Cinematic in scope while conjuring futuristic images of the worlds created by Philip K. Dick, Replicant passionately inject some humanity into the often cold and robotic sounds of modern Electro. During the merging of their two most recent EP’s, newly dubbed A Taste Of Midnight, the trio of Garrett Vernon alongside Justin and Jordan DeLay use their synthetic sounds to speak out on the current administration and rally the people in these trying political times.

But I digress.

Bangers like the title track and “Widowers” are now conveniently together for your aural pleasure while listeners will also find New Wave anthems like “Plagued” meshing nicely with Industrial-sized juggernauts like “Fractured” as these tracks and more are sandwiched snugly between The Reckoning’s ominous yet hopeful opener “Awake” and The Resistance’s somber yet rousing closer “Allied”.

A Taste Of Midnight will be released on May 10th and can be pre-ordered now by clicking here. You can read our individual reviews of each EP by clicking here and here. And for more on Replicant, hit up their socials over here and here.

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