Replicant Support The ACLU And The People On The Resistance

Replicant is back just in time to sonically save the world…or at least deliver a message that not only is resistance definitely NOT futile during these trying times but also encouraged!

Sounding even more like the soundtrack to an ’80’s Sci-Fi Noir Flick, “Devolve” is like the intro to The Terminator sans the percussive drones replete with an ominous and foreboding air before “Widowers” enters with Garrett Vernon’s incomparable hypnotic passages sounding as much of an integral instrument within Replicant as the beats, guitars, and synths. And when the guitars and synths do catch up and sync in, it’s just pure electro magic once again.

Justin DeLay’s drum programming is at such a peak level offering pulsating and probing blasts while Jordan DeLay’s bass on this recording sounds the most organic yet, at times even sounding like some fabled passages found on classics by The Cure.

The title track is all shimmering synths and a mesmerizing bass line that stands up there alongside other memorable Replicant anthems like “Drifter” or “Plagued”. “Fractured” is practically electric as this slow burn of an electro masterpiece drones along with mechanical precision as Vernon’s guitars cry out in the darkness. “Allied” is thematically linked, whether subconsciously or not, to previous Replicant works (“Wake” off last year’s The Reckoning immediately comes to mind) and makes the most fitting coda to Replicant’s second EP in a series of three so their own The Empire Strikes Back, if you will.

The Resistance will be shared on October 5th, just one month before the pivotal mid-term elections in November with all proceeds going towards the ACLU. You can pre-order yours by clicking right here.

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