Scalp The Pioneer Merge Converge-Style Shreds And Neurosis-Style Breakdowns On Brutal New Graveyard Tan EP

“Louder than you, fuck your hearing”-Scalp The Pioneer

Geez! Does it get much more intense than Scalp The Pioneer? If you’re already aware of these Massachusetts-based heavy shredders then the answer is a resounding “No!” and on their latest EP they continue that trend tenfold while expanding their already diverse sound.

“Donald Fuck” (Most likely named for the duck who continually harasses Mickey Mouse) opens it up all subtle and shit then goes for the jugular as Holland King’s guitars and Nick Accardo’s drums build to a monstrous wall of noise with Joe Gallagher screaming lines like “You’re just like everyone that I fucking hate/You’re not the boss of me!” before settling into a Primus meets Converge groove to close out this beast of an opener.

King’s guitars take the center stage during thrasher”Death-Oi!” (Can you believe there’s never been a genre amalgamation of those two before?) and especially during the bestial breakdown while later, “Good Looks Dot Com” comes out of nowhere with its’ brand of fast and furious metal with Gallagher’s screech hitting listeners so hard it’s like a slap in the face.

Looking for a new religion? Well, Scalp The Pioneer has you covered there, too, because “God Pubes” is the closest thing listeners will get to Jesus Christ…or not. But as a song it’s the fucking best! Gallagher’s screams interspersed with these massive breakdowns within these 3:33 walls is like a metal wake up call…Oh wait, I was only talking about the first (!) breakdown. There’s a second, folks! A SECOND! And it’s even more brutal and more of a mosh pit mindfuck than the first. You’ve been warned.

Graveyard Tan is out now and can be purchased* by clicking here or below. For the latest on Scalp The Pioneer, including upcoming live appearances, head here.

*”Pay what you want” on Bandcamp= if you like what you can stream for free then chip in a buck or two or ten…

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