Scalp The Pioneer’s Fentanyl I See Is The New Noise Your Ears Need To Kick Off 2019 Right

EP’s like Scalp The Pioneer’s latest (Fentanyl I See, out now) are a tough cookie to crack when it comes to a proper review. You’ve got three tracks adding up to maybe six minutes of music yet the music within is so intense and intricate that it kinda demands a lot of words despite the low runtime.

But I digress.

The Massholes you love to love? Love to hate? Hate to love? Are back. With said three track EP which is even more vicious than their last. Unpossible, we know! But that’s a fact as evidenced by the blistering opening track which still manages to navigate different time changes and moods (Held together by Nick Accardo’s bombastic bashing) with barely a minute and a half on the clock before seamlessly bleeding into “Methadone Mile”. That track reminds this reviewer of Old Man Gloom simply on the fact that, like early listens to any given track of OMG, differentiating between vocalists (Dual Vocalist/guitarist Joey Gallagher and Holland King in this case) is almost an art form. Closer “C-3POverdose” is a fucking crusher and ends the EP in an almost solemn daze if it wasn’t so frickin’ brutal until the end as it treads Isis territory with its’ monolithic drum tones and wall of guitars.

Fentanyl I See is out now and available for purchase through Bandcamp. You can click here for that and then head here for the latest on Scalp The Pioneer.

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