Scour Celebrate Black Metal, Grindcore On Glorious Self-Titled Debut


Oh hey, Phil Anselmo!

You dudes and dudettes ready for an aural clobbering of the highest caliber? Forget Pantera, forget Superjoint, and forget Anselmo’s solo album. This here, Scour, is the REAL deal.

Fast, heavy, and more brutal than anything the notorious front man has been apart of so far, Scour combines a little of the collected works of all its members, throws it in a blender, and puts a Celtic Frost cherry on top for maximum pleasure.

“Dispatched” is a monolithic black metal monstrosity. Born from the dirty bowels of the underworld, it immediately sets the tone for Scour and stands apart from Anselmo’s other musical offerings. Credit the rest of the team and their illustrious collected musical repertoire for providing the brutal soundtrack. I mean, what else would you expect when you put members of Pig Destroyer, Cattle Decapitation, Strong Intention, and Continuum in a room together?

“Clot” is blast beat central and just a bludgeoning barrage of beats, riffs, and growls until culminating in a raging chant-a-thon that will involuntarily cause listeners hands to throw metal horns. “Crooked” could be classified as a “proper” rawk song if it wasn’t so goddamn heavy then “Codes” enters and shreds away any hope of listeners getting out of this with their eardrums intact.

Scour is out through Housecore Records on July 15th. Pre-order yours here.

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