Servant Sun Deliver Big Hooks On Self-titled EP


With just three songs, Servant Sun’s self-titled EP packs a punch. Like Killswitch Engage’s younger brother but without the constant viciousness and these grand Alexisonfire moments, Servant Sun tow the line between light prog, alternative, and heavy rock perfectly. And those choruses! They’re undeniably huge and will draw you into their world instantaneously. For that, thank Andrew Macdonald who emotes and croons and screams with a voice that fills listeners with a sense of deja vu but uniquely stands on its own. 

“Prism” will suck you in as soon as it begins with glorious riffage and Macdonald’s welcoming croon. The epic “Recall” which follows, however, is the one that will seal the deal for hesitant listeners. Halfway through, this guitar crunch changes the direction of the song leading the way for Colin Nicol and Ronald O’Kane to lay down some awesome solos and trade riffs which may or may not trigger some intense headbanging for those just now tuning in at home. Add William O’Brien’s drum work which speaks volumes during the track and a pummeling that will beat your senses silly along with James Rundell’s nasty bass work and Servant Sun is undeniably a musical force to be reckoned with. “Vertigo” rounds out the EP with a pretty gorgeous, lush beginning until opening up into an equally gorgeous anthem driven by wailing guitars and closing an already impressive body of work.

Servant Sun is available now as a “name your price” download via Bandcamp. For more on Servant Sun, be sure to head over to their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

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