Silvertomb debut “Insomnia”, Hit The Road With Life Of Agony

Without even hearing a note, the new project featuring former Type O Negative members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly already had a spot on our “Most Anticipated Of 2018” list that we posted in January (Don’t believe us? Click here).

It took some time but the wait was well worth it when first single “Insomnia” dropped recently with Hickey’s signature voice and hypnotic guitar work accompanied by a surprisingly restrained, yet still stellar, performance from Kelly. Along for the ride in Silvertomb is former fellow Seventh Void bandmate Hank Hell on bass, guitarist Joseph James, and Aaron Joos on keys, backing vocals, and guitar to bulk up the band and the track which sounds nothing like Hickey’s other post-Type O Negative outfit despite the similar members.

“Insomnia” is available now through all major streaming outlets. You can get your own by clicking here or here. Silvertomb is currently on the road with their brothers and sisters in Life Of Agony with a stop at Brighton Music Hall this Friday, September 28th. For dates and more, head here.

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