Singles! BAIT, “DLP”

BAIT is back with “DLP” and an accompanying video that sees mainman Michael Webster dressed in black and hiding eyes that, when revealed, turn Webster into the latest badass Doctor Who villain. You’ll agree when you see it, too.

As for the song itself? It’s what listeners of Baddies and BAIT have come to expect from Webster meaning only to expect the unexpected. Whereas the debut BAIT record was abrasive and in-your-face with Industrial and Electro flourishes and an all around percussive beast, “DLP” goes for less is more with this hypnotic diatribe about capitalism with a synthetic backdrop of impending dread looming.

Think more Einstürzende Neubauten/Nitzer Ebb rather than ’90’s Ministry this time around.

“DLP” is out now through Cool Thing Records. You can stream it below and click here for all of your BAIT needs. For the latest on BAIT, head here.

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