Singles! Misery Loves Co. Return With “Would You?”

The return of Misery Loves Co. is the perfect excuse to resurrect Singles! so step right up and read about one of the best Industrial Metal outfits that you might’ve missed.

I remember picking up the Misery Loves Co. self-titled debut in a used store where you could listen beforehand and being immediately blown away by what I heard. As a Ministry fan, tracks like “I Swallow” especially with the tribal brooding and the Uncle Al-like barks absolutely captivated me but it was really tracks like “Need Another One” when vocalist Patrik Wiren really opened up that I was truly impressed.

I remember anxiously awaiting the opportunity to purchase Happy? and Not Like Them in stores when they were released. I especially remember impatiently awaiting my delivery of Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share back in the day before digital music and instant gratification were a thing.

Then Misery Loves Co. stopped and the Industrial music world was left a gloomier place then usual. Cut to today and Misery Loves Co. is back after some highly lauded live performances with their first new recorded material in almost 20 years. And it rules. Hard.

If Your Vision... and tunes like “Happy?” were your jam then “Would You?” is definitely for you. Hell, if you were ever a fan of this band then “Would You?” is for you. The most surprising thing about the latest from Misery Loves Co. is how natural it all sounds. Orjan Onkloo’s programming and bass sounds as fresh as it did 17 years ago, guitarist Michael Hahne delivers some of the most stellar MLC riffing thus far, and Wiren is absolutely on the top of his game laying down a clean vocal performance that’s one of his best yet.

“Would You?” is out now. You need to own it. You need to be into this band. Buy the single here and here, delve more into the band here.


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