Singles! Misery Loves Co., “Suburban Breakdown”

The last time our Singles! column was resurrected was because of Misery Loves Co. so it’s fitting that they’re the reason for a new piece under that header. But you read that right: Misery Loves Co., the Swedish Industrial juggernauts, has risen from the ashes of the aughts like a phoenix first with single “Would You?” (Released back in June, read our take here) and now with “Suburban Breakdown”.

Was “Would You?” too soft for you? Because this one won’t be. At all. While their comeback single served as an almost bookend to “Happy?”, “Suburban Breakdown” serves as the next chapter in the evolution of tracks like “Into The Grey”. It’s a brutal wall of sound with those familiar Misery Loves Co. synths lurking in the background to create an almost mystical air and these tribal drums (Courtesy of Jesper Skarin) hearkening back to “I Swallow” (Yeah, it’s THAT kind of brutal) and the sense of beyond epic finality of “When Everything Dies”. Couple that with these thrashy guitar lines before the huge chorus drops and the song takes on an almost symphony-like form with these operatic movements weaving in and out of the fabric of the track.

And on top of that you have vocalist Patrik Wirén sounding absolutely reinvigorated as he shoots forth apocalyptic lines like “A thousand zombies got me by the throat/While Mum’s busy writing suicide notes/Strangers forever until death do us part/There’s no escape from Suburban Breakdown” along with Örjan Örnkloo and Michael Hahne bringing all the riffage and thoroughly embedding it throughout the tapestry of the tune.

“Suburban Breakdown” is available now! Get yours by clicking here or here. For the latest on Misery Loves Co., check out their socials by clicking here and here.


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