Singles! Misery Loves Co., “Way Back Home”

To preface this review, I just finished listening to the new Cave In record featuring the last performances of Caleb Scofield and purposely saved this new one from Misery Loves Co. as a point of emotional re-entry

And I’m glad I did.

Y’know what? I can be biased because it’s my blog so saying that there’s a love in place for Misery Loves Co. already within these pages shouldn’t be shocking. That said, I put any new music I get under a very specific microscope regardless of the artist. If a band I like puts out something shitty then I call ’em on it. Luckily, the Misery Loves Co. resurgence has led to nothing but beyond expectations bodies of music.

“Way Back Home” continues Misery Loves Co.’s triumphant recent tear and will easily make longtime fans yearn for the inevitable full-length due out later in the year “hopefully” according to the attached press release. It’s their fourth (!) single since returning and like those that came before, triumphantly reveal more facets of the Company that were barely scratched on their last full-length, Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share in 2000 (As I type this with “Sonic Attack”, a song not relevant to that album, blasting at a ludicrous volume in my headphones).

The track in question is a vibrant, upbeat little ditty driven by vocalist Patrik Wiren’s uncanny maw within a swirl of electronics and a steady drum staccato from Jesper Skarin that continually builds towards this massive chorus. If you’re looking for a tone comparison then “Never Gonna Grow Up” from Your Vision… might be the closest but, quite frankly, there’s really no comparison to what Misery Loves Co. is doing today. “Way Back Home” is focused, swelling with Orjan Ornkloo’s synthetic security blanket he provides within the track as Wiren’s voice brims with emotion and Michael Hahne lays down some solid Industrial riffage.

“Way Back Home” is out now and can be streamed and/or bought by clicking here and here. For the latest on Misery Loves Co., hit their socials by clicking here and here.

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