Singles! Of The Dark I Dare, “WAR”

Firstly, can we please acknowledge how badass the name of this L.A. outfit is? Not since I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness has the name of a band kicked so much posterior before ever a note was heard. But for the record both ILYBICD and Of The Dark I Dare have the sonic gravitas to back up such monumental monikers.

“WAR” is like modern day Siouxsie & The Banshees with these ’80’s tinged synths akin to a gothic waltz. It’s as if Of The Dark I Dare fashioned a sound based solely on the aesthetic of the ballroom scene from Batman Returns which, coincidentally, features Siouxsie’s “Face To Face”. Tracy Lorin’s voice is even more ethereal and confident while the synthetic soundscape that RicKey Lumpkin II produces is sensual and stunning yet dangerous at the same time as drummer Matt Lucich keeps the pulse steady throughout.

Produced by RickEy And eLi Parr and mixed by Alex DeGroot (Zola Jesus), “WAR” is out now and can be yours by clicking here or by clicking on the embed below. For the latest on Of The Dark I Dare, keep up-to-date by following them here or here.


  1. Lynne Gassel says

    CHILLS! CHILLS! CHILLS! The electronic sound, the rhythms, the words, and that voice-WOW! Threw me over the edge!
    This review is spot-on. I’m thinking Handmaid’s Tale.

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