Skold Delivers The Industrial Goods With Latest Album The Undoing


Two of my fondest concert going experiences are seeing KMFDM touring behind Symbols in 1997 and Marilyn Manson supporting The Golden Age Of Grotesque in 2003. While both shows were memorable for several different reasons, the one common factor for both was a certain bass player named Tim Skold. Collaborator, co-conspirator, and partner to some of the greats in the past, Skold is finally back to prove how potent he is once again as a solo artist.

Easily the most solid of the Skold releases, The Undoing throws bits of Manson, KMFDM, and even Motionless In White (With whom he recently collaborated) into the mix along with Skold’s brand of industrial-electro-pop.

From the thumping onset of “Triumph Of The Will” listeners are instantly transported to a late ’90’s happy place when Skold was first branching out on his own and goth clubs still let you smoke inside. Skold’s uncanny voice breaks through the beats switching between melody and maliciousness with harping synths and razor sharp guitar riffs completing the epic opener.

“Today Your Love” is some next level Skold music beginning with a lone echoed piano line before sinking into some dubstep meets KMFDM riffrockin’. Decidedly more electro than 2011’s Anomie, The Undoing also has some of the catchiest Skold songs to date. Whether it’s the surprisingly sing-a-long chorus of “Escape”, the bounce of “The Oldest Profession” , or the electro dirge of “Better The Devil”, Skold flexes his songwriting chops tenfold to create some of his most memorable songs to date.

That’s not to say Skold has gone soft. Even when he slows it down, the intensity remains. But if you’re looking for straight up headbangers and dance floor freak outs then the throbbing beats of “Chasing Demons”, straight up rocker “Wake Up And Die”, and closer “The Bleeding Heart” have you covered.

The Undoing is out now through Metropolis Records. Order yours directly through Metropolis here or go mainstream with Itunes or Amazon. For more on Skold, and to find out where you can witness the majestic on his upcoming tour, head here.

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