Straight Line Stitch Return With New EP Transparency, Available June 30th

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For some reason, I just never clicked with Tennessee’s Straight Line Stitch. Gahd knows they’ve shared the stage with enough of the bands I really dig but for some reason I never paid attention. Friends, I’m telling you now, after listening to their latest EP Transparency I’ll be paying attention a whole lot more. And so will you.

Opener “Out of the Shadows” might be a short instrumental but the air of mystique it conjures up within the synth and piano lines will immediately hook new listeners until Alexis Brown’s scream shatters your senses on “Dark Matter” and the brutality laced with beauty really begins. Brown stands out with a range that goes from sweet to sour in an instant on the track which is filled with these instrumental and vocal intricacies that can only be truly appreciated after several listens.

“Out of Body” follows and is just this flurry of riffs and a start/stop tug of war between Brown’s clean delivery and guitarist Jason White’s catastrophic rapid fire playing. Later on “Wilderness” enters and, while it might be the most pummeling of this new collection of songs, it also features Brown’s sweetest delivery tempered by this raw cry she spews forth with ease.

Ending with “Human Bondage”, Straight Line Stitch manage to update the nu-metal sound proper with Darren Mclelland’s bass work just going for broke (Think the frenzied Les Claypool stylings of yesteryear) until these scorching guitar lines come in echoing Brown’s silken choruses culminating in a headbangers delight.

If you’re like me and have never given Straight Line Stitch a chance then Transparency is the body of work that you absolutely need to hear. Transparency is out through Pavement Entertainment on June 30th. Pre-orders are available through Amazon now!

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