Surf Rock is Dead Defies Descriptions On Emotive EP

The term “surf rock” brings to mind Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello flicks and Dick Dale riffing. Surf Rock is Dead, on the other end of the spectrum, brings to mind dark clubs or being alone at a high school dance in an ’80’s John Hughes film staring vacantly out towards the dance floor until locking eyes with your soulmate from across the room.

Night and day, really, as far as sonic descriptors go. But both definitely magical.

If you’re looking for simple comparisons then take the alt-rawk of DIIV mixed with Turnover’s emotive assertions and put it through a dream-Pop filter. But make no mistake, Surf Rock is Dead is anything but simple.

From the instant “InBetween” glides in and glistens into your aural canals, Surf Rock is Dead will immediately become your new favorite band. Carrying on with “As If”, Surf Rock Is Dead also prove they have the songwriting chops as well with big hooks and bigger choruses to maintain that status of “your new favorite band”.

“Everything They Said” just glows while “White Salsa” captures some of that aforementioned DIIV style but infuses it with more accessibility and way more warmth. “Fitting The Mold” enters a dream state before closing out the EP, successfully leaving fans satiated yet wanting more.

We Have No Friends? is out on September 22nd through The Native Sound. Click the audio below or here to pre-order your copy now and support a kickass band. For more on SRiD, head on over here.

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