Suspects Create A Rawkin’ Road To Recovery On Debut EP

Cool Thing Records is quickly entering the upper stratosphere when it comes to go-to labels for the good stuff. And their latest release is no exception. Suspects hail from the UK and their debut EP is a powerhouse collection of incendiary songs with poignant, biting lyrics.

The title track from Recovery glistens with an earnestness like listening to one of U2’s earlier works for the first time (Think Rattle & Hum especially) and just knowing that what you’re listening to is pure magic. That feeling continues as Thomas Prescott’s guitar delivers a wall of sound into listeners unsuspecting earholes.

Then “Anaphylactic Shock” kicks into high gear with a hailstorm of guitar fury, those huge drum sounds and Prescott crying out which, when combined, easily brings to mind Troublegum-era Therapy? at times.

“Innocence” is like Queens of the Stone Age (Circa Songs for the Deaf) sparring with Cairo Knife Fight while closer “Armageddon And Me” is a veritable sonic juggernaut.

Recovery is out now through Cool Thing Records. Get your copy now by clicking here. For more on Suspects, head on over here.

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