Swarm Of Eyes Bring The METAL in 2017 With Latest Release We Go To War With The Weapons We Have


It’s been close to five long years since Massachusetts metallers Swarm Of Eyes released a collection of new material but after one listen through to their latest release, We Go To War With The Weapons We Have, heavy music fans will agree that wait was definitely worth it.

“Cursed In Blood” is just a brutal album opener and a not-so-subtle reintroduction to these local thrash titans as Tommy Burke’s drum work pummels listeners into a state of doe-eyed awe. Meanwhile, vocalist Randy Carter shows off an impressive range right from the start that shifts between death metal growl and ’80’s-style Testament or Anthrax wail seamlessly.

“Tell Your God..” is like this nice amalgamation of mid-’90’s Roadrunner Records classics with Jeff Grossman laying down a solid tribal groove as Carter switches between his trademark scream and a bass delivery akin to Derrick Green and Tony Todd (Yes, I’m talking Candyman here). Closing out the “new” section of We Go To War… with “Carrion” and “Left To Burn”, the true power of Swarm Of Eyes dual guitar maestros Derrik Albertelli and George O’Connor is really felt. The latter song focusing on this rhythmic sonic pairing creating an impenetrable wall of riffage which pairs nicely with Carter’s snarl while the shredding that lies within both tracks is enough to sufficiently satiate your heavy metal appetite.

But before the EP concludes, we’re treated to a pair of covers (The Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” and The Misfits’ “Skulls”) and “Humanemic” off debut Designing the Dystopia (Available here) reminding listeners how far Swarm Of Eyes has come while subtly teasing what’s down the road.

We Go To War With The Weapons We Have is out on January 6th. Get your physical copies here, digital here. For more on Swarm of Eyes, including where you can catch them live, head on over here.

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