T-Tops Do Old School Noise Rawk Right On Disease

Currently in alphabetical order in my Itunes library, the latest from T-Tops leads right into Tad’s Inhaler and the flow is pretty seamless because the kind of Post-punk, fuzzed out noise rawk with a raving madman at the mic that T-Tops currently create is just the kind of magic that made an underrated band like those Seattle grungesters stand out back in their day.

But I digress.

Three tracks and barely ten minutes of music yet the songs will rattle around in your brain long after they’re over, Disease is the perfect soundtrack for all you short attention span rawkers and a great intro to the world of T-Tops. The title track is a thumping, throbbing ball of rawk reminiscent of Soundgarden’s early Sub Pop days especially with Patrick Waters’ guitar shreds while “Incest” is barking and militaristic with its’ initial stomp as Waters comes off sounding like Jello Biafra at his zaniest or Chris Connelly during his Ministry daze.

“Mouth For Hate” treads old school Unsane territory and is built off a huge rhythmic barrage from Jason Orr’s bass and Austin Bowen’s drums and then you’re out. It’s over! Only one thing to do now: Go back to the beginning and start again!

Disease is out on September 28th with assistance from Magnetic Eye Records. You can get yours by clicking right here. For more on T-Tops, including upcoming live shows, just head on over here.

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