The Joy Thieves Put The “Super” In Supergroup With Massive Line Up And Massively Impressive Debut EP, This Will Kill That

“I wanted to do something big. When I saw how tall Dan (Milligan) is, I knew it was the right project for me. Also I hate Joy.” – Marcus Eliopulos

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After Black December, 16Volt Enter The Negative Space


For me, the past few 16Volt records have been growers. Albums like Supercoolnothing and FullBlackHabit instantly made me fall in love with the Eric Powell-led industrial outfit but subsequent releases took a little more time for the same feelings to come back to the surface. [Read more…]

16 for ’16: A Rock And Roll Fables Guide To The Best Releases Of The New Year


Happy New Year’s! New year, new music! So what are we excited for this year? Glad you asked! Here’s a rundown of what we think will be played incessantly at the Rock and Roll Fables offices: [Read more…]

Black December Debuts Vol. 1, 16Volt Fans Rejoice

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Man, Eric Powell is pissed off. If you thought 16Volt was the be all/end all of Powell then you ain’t heard nothing yet. Rising from the ashes of that industrial juggernaut, Black December might share some 16Volt traits but is something else entirely despite sharing the vocalist. Sure, opener “With This Ending” has enough of those memorable hooks and big choruses that set 16Volt apart from the rest but it’s fueled by this primal intensity not heard from Powell in some time. As a whole, Vol. 1 is a visceral beast and filled with enough rage this side of a Bush-era Ministry album. [Read more…]