Daniel Graves: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation

Aesthetic Perfection is back with their first new record in almost 4 years and we’re ecstatic! In fact, you can read how excited we are by clicking on our review of Into The Black here.

But I digress.

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Aesthetic Perfection Embrace Patreon, Dive Into The Black On Newest Electronic Masterpiece

My Aesthetic Perfection education is pretty ass backwards. I was introduced to them when the Cabaret album was unleashed (Our review of Imperfect is here), covered the most recent EP (Which you can read here) and THEN was introduced to A Violent Emotion through a Spotify playlist within the last couple of months. In conclusion, my frame of reference for Aesthetic Perfection is everywhere!

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Aesthetic Perfection Goes Acoustic For Imperfect, Brings Along Some Familiar Friends

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At my core, I’m an industrial kid. Growing up during the ascension of NIN and Ministry, I gobbled up everything I could about the genre once discovering it….everyone from Skinny Puppy, KMFDM, and PIG to the amazing guitar driven Slipdisc forgotten heroes of the late ’90’s (Rorschach Project, 16 Volt, Nihil, The Clay People). That said, I’m still always happy to discover something new, or more appropriately here, something I might have missed. [Read more…]