Lard Help Us All! PIG Offers Up Some Sweet Treats On Candy Coated Covers Record

The Lord of Lard is an unstoppable machine lately. Whether it’s new <PIG> classics, remixes or covers, Raymond Watts is beyond reinvigorated during this second coming of the swine. Which brings us to the latest helping of pork in the form of Candy, an epic new album filled with covers done in a way that only <PIG> can.

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Cubanate Enter The 21st Century With Ease On Biting Kolossus

Marc Heal and Phil Barry have not missed a beat. In their first collaborative release as Cubabnate in about twenty years, the duo propel Cubanate into the 21st Century in the most fitting way as elder statesmen of a genre showing the kids how it’s done.

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Marc Heal Delivers Career-Defining Tracks On Debut Solo Album The Hum


As an industrial music fan I’m embarrassed to admit that I was never into Cubanate back in the day. Sure, I dug what they did but for some reason never invested in anything beyond “Oxyacetylene” off the Mortal Kombat soundtrack in the mid ’90’s. Cut to today and I’m scrambling to find a copy of Cyberia because who knew in the digital age that it’d still be hard to legally obtain a copy of an out-of-print classic. [Read more…]

Compound Eye Sessions Out Now, Features Marc Heal And PIG!


PRAISE THE LARD, Pig has risen again and blessed his herd with not one, but two releases this year with hopefully more to follow (New full-length please?). If you’re impatient (Like me!) and can’t hold out until the EP with Primitive Race is released in June (Our review is here) then how about some instant gratification in the form of the Compound Eye Sessions? [Read more…]