Spiritease/Jules Cohen Mash Genres, Delve Into The Worldly Side Of Electro On 48-49

The world of Spiritease/Jules Cohen is sort of indescribable and that’s the absolute beauty of it. Elements of Electro and World mesh seamlessly with Hip-Hop and Trip-Hop and forge a path towards fresh, yet to be labeled genres.

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Replicant Prep First Vinyl Release, A Taste Of Midnight, For May Release

It’s easy to passionately type up some glowing words about an artist when they continually put out solid slabs of musical excellence. In this case, we’re talking about Chicago’s Replicant who will be celebrating their most recent releases (The Reckoning and The Resistance) with their first ever vinyl release.

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PIG Gets You Through The Holidaze With Black Mass

“Previously in the world of Raymond Watts…”

Seriously, though, with each release that <PIG> has put out this year I feel the need to have a title card akin to Star Wars explaining what has happened up until now. But at the end of the day, we can all agree on one thing: There is no such thing as too much <PIG>!

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Death Kiss Showcase Volume 4: Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood! We’ve saved the best for last…or the last for last because, honestly, all the bands showcased at the Death Kiss show back in June were fucking tops! [Read more…]

3Teeth Hit The Industrial Sweet Spot On Self-Titled Debut


Mix the militaristic tone of Rammstein’s finest work with the quirky insanity of Bile and you have the simple version of 3Teeth. But 3Teeth is anything but simple. Delve deeper and there are hints of Gary Numan’s later work (Scarred especially) and elements of the band that has graciously offered 3Teeth several opening opportunities recently (Rhymes with “Pool”). [Read more…]

Servant Sun Deliver Big Hooks On Self-titled EP


With just three songs, Servant Sun’s self-titled EP packs a punch. Like Killswitch Engage’s younger brother but without the constant viciousness and these grand Alexisonfire moments, Servant Sun tow the line between light prog, alternative, and heavy rock perfectly. And those choruses! They’re undeniably huge and will draw you into their world instantaneously. For that, thank Andrew Macdonald who emotes and croons and screams with a voice that fills listeners with a sense of deja vu but uniquely stands on its own.  [Read more…]

Owl Stretching Release New Song, “Evolution”, For Free


Some days you wake up and just yearn for the sweet, sexy sounds of Jason Bieler, y’know? Today was one of those days for me and luckily, there just happened to be a new Owl Stretching song waiting in my inbox! “Evolution” is the name and rocking is its game. [Read more…]