Kelsey’s Debut EP Is A Hard Rawk Fans Delight

As a fellow Berklee grad, how could I not wanna review this? It also helps that the debut EP from Kelsey Luo happens to be a kick ass slab of unexpected hard rawk! Vancouver to Boston to L.A. to Vancouver once again is the journey Kelsey took to bring you these three tracks of hard rawkin’ delights. And what delightful tracks they are! [Read more…]

David Duchovny Tries His Hand At Music On Heartfelt Hell Or Highwater


So far this year David Duchovny has put out his first novel, returned to network TV for NBC’s upcoming Aquarius, signed on to reprise his iconic Fox Mulder role for Fox’s X-Files revival, and put out his first album. Wait, what? An album? Like, of music and stuff?!?! Yeah, he did. And it’s pretty great. [Read more…]