16 for ’16: A Rock And Roll Fables Guide To The Best Releases Of The New Year


Happy New Year’s! New year, new music! So what are we excited for this year? Glad you asked! Here’s a rundown of what we think will be played incessantly at the Rock and Roll Fables offices: [Read more…]

Bob Mould continues musical reign with Beauty & Ruin!


Apparently Bob Mould wasn’t done with  guitar rock after  the 2011 “See A Little Light” concert retrospective event inspired 2012’s brilliant Silver Age. If anything, the just released Beauty & Ruin is even more visceral and potent than its predecessor really harnessing the power of the Du at points.

It’s inevitable that anything Mould puts out is going to be compared to his older works but never in his career has he put out something so all-encompassing as the collection of songs found on Beauty & Ruin.

“Low Season” is a bit of a slow burn but paves the way for one of Mould’s most driving albums to date. From there, things get hectic. “Little Glass Pill” could be a new Husker Du tune and the same could be said for “Kid With Crooked Face” which is also the fastest Mould and co. have played in a long time. Speaking of “and co.”, the continued presence of Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy has reinvigorated Mould with a line up that really clicks on stage, in the studio, and with audiences.

The band continue to excel on first single “I Don’t Know You Anymore” featuring Mould’s signature songwriting prowess, on the pop punk “Hey Mr. Grey”, and on the Sugar-esque  “Nemeses Are Laughing” which really shows off Wurster’s drum skills.

Silver Age was just the prelude. If you thought that one was fierce then boy, you ain’t heard nothin’ yet! Beauty & Ruin is out now on Merge Records. Get your copy here!


JBVDLP: B-sides and otherwise


It’s coming people! The full-length from Jack Burton Vs David LoPan is almost here. I’ve heard the rough masters and I’ve gotta say, it’s a beast!

To tide you over, though, the band has released Based On The Evidence… which is a short little itty bitty 2-track album featuring a Husker Du cover and a song that doesn’t quite fit in with the overall texture of Exhibit C.

Make no mistake: Erik Scott is not Bob Mould but that’s just fine. Scott’s howl is a far cry (pun intended) from Mould while the rest of JBVDLP back him up with a hyper-aggressive version of “I’ll Never Forget You”. The original track, “Based On The Evidence”, is just as vicious as anything they’ve done thus far but if this gem didn’t make the cut you can only imagine how amazing Exhibit C will sound.

Preview and purchase Based On The Evidence… for a measly $1 on their bandcamp page now and don’t forget to like us over on Facebook!