Runnerup Show Off Another Side Of The Boston Music Scene On Incredibly Introspective Happy to Be Here

Boston brings together a very diverse and eclectic collection of artists. On the one hand you have the heavier, sludgier, dirtier side of rawk which permeates the scene more dominantly but on the other side, you have these introspective artists who tend to get overlooked or overshadowed.

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Alec Hutson Presents A MasterClass In Musicality On Reactions

Take Lounge and Trip-Hop and add on some Latin flair and you have a little idea of what Alec Hutson brings to the musical spectrum. That’s right, it’s a merging of styles you didn’t know you ever needed or wanted to hear together and yet it works. Incredibly well. On Reactions. Which you can get now!

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Scalp The Pioneer’s Fentanyl I See Is The New Noise Your Ears Need To Kick Off 2019 Right

EP’s like Scalp The Pioneer’s latest (Fentanyl I See, out now) are a tough cookie to crack when it comes to a proper review. You’ve got three tracks adding up to maybe six minutes of music yet the music within is so intense and intricate that it kinda demands a lot of words despite the low runtime. [Read more…]

Death Kiss Volume 2 Collects Some Of Boston’s Best Bands For One Helluva Heavy Compilation

So you get a bunch of local outfits, give them two hours to record a track and see what you get. Sounds like the next greatest installment of an MTV Real World-type show, right? Wrong! This is how the latest volume of Deathkiss came to fruition over at the now defunct EMF building. [Read more…]

Singles! blindspot, “All I Am”



It takes a special kind of band to bring “Singles!” out of mothballs and even more special when said band isn’t Misery Loves Co. (Who have been the focus of the last two of these posts) That “special kind of band” in this case is Boston’s own blindspot who just released new single “All I Am”, with a new video to boot. [Read more…]

Carissa Johnson & The Cure-Alls Infuse Killer Tunes With Bountiful Amounts Of Heart On Talk Talk Talk

We try not to throw the word “favorite” and “best” around too much because the more it gets typed/said then the less integrity and impact the word has. That said, we also tend to only publish things about artists on this page that we REALLY like so nine times out of ten, if it’s on this site then they did something right to warrant the overuse of those aforementioned words. [Read more…]