Combichrist Fire Back At Haters With Viciously Solid One Fire

Fans of all iterations of aggro tech metallers Combichrist will surely find something to appease their blackened hearts within One Fire‘s diverse walls. And if you can’t then frankly, this isn’t the band for you anymore.

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Pissed Off Uncle Al Really Is The Bee’s Knees As Evidenced On Politically-Charged/45-Bashing AmeriKKKant

This is one of those after the fact records that stuck with me enough to have thoughts. Especially because I feel the need to defend it against haters. [Read more…]

Burton C. Bell: A Rock And Roll Fables Conversation


Fear Factory’s latest, and ninth album, is barely a year old yet here they are touring the country playing their iconic sophomore album from front to back. Despite the obvious reasons (Um, 20th anniversary of Demanufacture!), the answer for the current tour is actually quite simple as vocalist Burton C. Bell cordially explains via phone: [Read more…]

Fear Factory Bring It Back To 1995 While Still Looking To The Future During Worcester Stop Of Demanufacture 20th Anniversary Tour


My first exposure to industrial metallers Fear Factory was back in college and the Mortal Kombat soundtrack which featured “Zero Signal” off a little album called Demanufacture. Something about the synths and the syncopated guitar and drum attacks paired with vocalist Burton C. Bell’s growl to a croon approach immediately stood out to me. And as a fan of bands like Ministry and NIN already, this took me to a new level. [Read more…]