Flaw Continue Comeback Climb With Brutally Beautiful Vol IV: Because of the Brave

Flaw has always been a hard band to pin down. Emerging during the fall of the Nu in 2001 with Through the Eyes, the band stood out by incorporating groove into their Metal more akin to Down or Lamb Of God to an extent rather than Korn. Flaw disbanded soon after Endangered Species dropped in 2004 but vocalist Chris Volz persevered and, after delivering solid albums with both Five.Bolt.Main and later Volz, returned in full force with Flaw 2.0 and the subsequent comeback album, Divided We Fall.

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Flaw Touch On The Past, Look To The Future On United We Stand

It’s always a good indicator of a hiatused (Not a real word) or previously kaput band’s intentions when they not only return with a new full-length but also a plethora of material soon after. Case in point, the newly resurrected Flaw who are set to unleash a new EP barely a year after comeback LP Divided We Fall was released. [Read more…]

Flaw Stand United On Divided We Fall


Flaw has always been a bit of an anomaly in the metal scene. Emerging at the tail end of the nu-metal era with bands like Ultraspank, Skrape, and Nothingface who all added even more groove to separate them from the herd, Flaw shined with chugging riffs and a vocalist whose lyrical flow was on par with Jonathan Davis or Corey Taylor, but with an even more intense delivery. [Read more…]