3 Paragraph Reviews: BAT! Bat Music for Bat People

I don’t do Rockabilly or, more accurately here, Psychobilly. Actually, scratch that. I tend to gravitate towards sounds that move me in some sort of way regardless of genre. That said, and to clarify, I do not have an abundance of Rocka/Psychobilly in my current physical or digital collection of music. But being an Industrial/Goth kid, BAT! speaks to me. And considering they’re listed as “Gothabilly” with a sound like Misfits meeting Oingo Boingo, this outfit is the perfect blend for me. And you!

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3TEETH Present Your Industrial Album Of 2017: shutdown.exe

Never mind 2017, <shutdown.exe> might be the most important Industrial album of the last decade. When people look back at which bands were an integral part of the Industrial resurgence, they will look at 3TEETH in awe. And in a year that is producing new offerings from KMFDM, ohGr, potentially Front Line Assembly, and Ministry (Not just any Ministry album either. Trump administration Ministry. Let that swirl in your headspace for a few…), 3TEETH threaten to overshadow them all. [Read more…]