Circus Trees Kick Off The Race For Best Of 2019 With Sakura

Is it too early to declare a body of music as a “must have” for the new year? If not, then I’d like to nominate Circus Trees. Since we debuted “Impermanence” over on the Deathkiss Radio Show on the now defunct WEMF last year, Malborough’s sibling triple threat has been playing out and honing their talent in preparation for what’s sure to be a phenomenal 2019 for Circus Trees.

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Circus Trees Ready “Impermanence” For Mass Release, Preview Song With Mini-Documentary Available Now

Three sisters. All under the age of 18. Putting every other musician out there to shame with the musicality and songwriting prowess that they display at such a young age. Which begs the question: If they sound this good now, how incredible are they going to sound going forward? [Read more…]