All Your Sisters Deliver Another Instant Gothic Masterpiece on Bleak Trust Ruins

We called All Your Sisters’ last record Uncomfortable Skin “an instant gothic masterpiece” (Read more here) and listening through their upcoming full-length, mastermind Jordan Morrison is doing little to dissuade that they’ve done it again. And might we add that, if possible, they’ve gone bleaker and gothier? Is that a term? Howzabout “none more goth” then?

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Peter Murphy Strips Down Live On Latest Album Bare-Boned And Sacred

Live albums either suck or they don’t. There’s no gray area here. Your album either manages to truly capture that live energy, those different/updated versions of classics, and gives fans a sense of what it’s like to witness the performance in person (Or live it over and over again for someone who’s experienced it) or your album showcases cookie cutter versions of the songs with generic banter and crowd noise interspersed throughout the recording. End of story. [Read more…]