Spoiler Alert: There Were No Good Old Days [Meet Me In The Bathroom Book Review]

Meet Me In the Bathroom reminds me of the old saying:  “You don’t eat until you’re full, you eat until you hate yourself.”

In this case, you party until you kind of hate yourself.

(Buckle in, buttercups, you’re in my car now.)

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Welcome Back OSLO, You’ve Been Missed!


OSLO was an anomaly even when they first hit the scene with their debut in 2005. Combining glistening guitars and an uncanny galloping low end, OSLO could easily be seen as the second coming of The Cure or Joy Division even. They followed that album in 2007 with The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate and then quietly went away. Until now (And the 2011 High Mountain Sessions release) that is as the band prep their newest EP, The Morning After, for a December release. [Read more…]